Zed: Do you believe in fate?
Jim: I don't know. I guess I just think what's meant to be will be.
Zed: I saw you dead. You asked me before if my visions always come true and I saw you dead.

Zed: You can't ignore the warnings John.
John: Every time I light up I have the surgeon general harping on about bloody lung cancer and look at me, fit as a fiddle.
Zed: What's you point?
John: My point is we can all shape our destiny, but none of us get to escape our fate.

John: Tibetans call it piercing the veil. DNA, the right words, a dash of cardiac arrest and it gets you into the Bardo state. Allows you to connect with the subjects spirit.
Jim: And? What'd you see?
John: I saw through her eyes. She went outside, down the street and... I know where she was taken from.

John: The girls were taken by a Satanist.
Zed: Why? What does he want them for?
John: A full moon symbolizes rebirth, but the blood moon most likely sacrifices to usher in the new cycle.

Amberly: Are you lonely?
Vesta: I snuck out of the house. Me and my momma was arguing again. How come ya'll are out so late.
Caroline: He lets us do whatever we want.
Vesta: Who does?
Waynetta: The man.
Amberly: We're married to him; all of us.

Manny: The man's body had all these feelings and I used a woman to extinguish them.
John: You mean you made two poor sods feel pleasure. Momentary relief from the tragedy of every day living. That doesn't sound like a sin to me mate, but then again you know I wasn't around when they made those rules.

Manny: This is not your fault.
John: You're damn right it's not my fault, now fix it or I'm not working for you anymore.
Manny: And how would you suggest that I...
John: Heal her.
Manny: I'm sorry John, this is out of my hands and yours. Now look, you can set yourself on fire with anger or you can focus on what you can control.
John: I think I'll do just that mate.

Zed: A tumor's causing my visions. That explains a lot doesn't it? Cold hard science.
John: Humans always look for narrative and causality. Nothing that he just said suggests that this mass and your visions are linked in any way.
Zed: You don't want to believe it.

The scry map is a crutch. What's going on out there is pervasive; Invunche, brujeria, the serpent himself. We're off the map now John, you need to read the signs around you. Use your instincts, Zed's visions; stay vigilant.


John: Those students you butchered. They didn't just leap from your imagination. They were flesh and blood.
Shaw: Yes and they invaded my space. My world, my rules. It's a lesson you're about to learn.

Ritchie: There's only one way Shaw could pull Lily back into another world without a proper ritual.
John: It's a creation of his own design right? He built it.
Ritchie: Right, so we need a plan. Lily, she said they all ended up in different rooms of a house and we can't help her if we get killed John. Before we can find her.
John: Alright, so the first order of business is we find each other on the other side. That way we got a better chance.

John: If those kids actually made it into another realm, then they've opened gates that won't be easy to close. In current conditions, anyone can be pulled in through that gate. Not just the four that took part in the ritual.
Ritchie: Yeah well it's worse than that John. Shaw had a theory, if you're killed in another dimension your body here suffers the same form of death.

Constantine Quotes

Liv: What is happening to me?
Constantine: You're waking up. You're seeing the world for what it really is. Just like your father could.

It's easier to deny danger than to face it, but make no mistake if you don't listen to me you'll be dead by morning.