Eva: She confided in me that you sleep with her?
Corcoran: That's absurd. That girl's mind is so bent from her past.
Eva: I know. I'm seriously considering giving her to the nuns.

Maguire: He ran! The guilty ones always do!
Corcoran: We were going to talk to him!
Maguire: He killed Mary. I know he did, in me bones. I closed the case and saved the city.

Yes, Elizabeth should have told you the truth about Annie. But you can't bring Five Points up here where it doesn't belong. You can't threaten an innocent woman.

Morehouse [to Corcoran]

Since I've been back I've been eating too much. But Kevin doesn't mind. You know how he likes a handful when he sleeps.

Annie [to Eva]

If you had cut off my leg without morphine it would have made me curse God, Abraham Lincoln, and my mother but it wouldn't make me turn against the Union.

Corcoran [to Matthew]

Elizabeth: I only want to speak with Annie.
John Reilly [cocks gun]: You ain't on Fifth Avenue now.

Francis: Who did this to you?
Mary: Can't you just let me be? Every five minutes, I turn around and you're there!

Annie: I killed Mr. Reilly. I'm gonna hang!
Corcoran: No one's gonna hang. Did he follow you to California?
Annie: Mrs. Haverford gave me to him.

Tell me everything's going to be all right, Kevin. Even if it won't. Even if it won't.


There is darkness in this world, Sara. We, both of us, have been touched by it. There are times when I feel lost, and in those times I feel for us. But this child, our child, will be a light, a beacon in this darkness.


You're thinking Mrs. Devery ain't our killer. Know what else I hear? Birds, laughing at you! You're too smart for your own good!

O'Brien [to Corcoran]

Corcoran: I'll talk with Annie. Again.
Eva: She insists on staying with me. But what she really wants is to be near you.
Corcoran: Take her back to Mrs. Haverford's.
Eva: If she doesn't feel like she belongs in that world, she'll keep running from it!

Copper Quotes

Look around you, Corky. Since the riots, my people have been moving out of Five Points. My wife, her brothers were hung by the neck from those two lampposts.


Morehouse: Corcoran cut off my leg and saved my life.
Corcoran: Luck of the Irish.
Morehouse: Don't be so modest, Corky. He saved my life and got himself a detective's badge.