Eva: Child, you no longer live here.
Annie: But what if I did live here?
Eva: Why would you choose such a thing? I work everyday with one goal: to live uptown with the Haverfords of this world.

Elizabeth: I only hope that a priest of her own faith will be able to reach her soul in a way that I cannot.
Priest: Do not fret Mrs. Haverford, no child is beyond redemption.

Corcoran: What's the word? How many dead bodies hanging about this morning?
Francis: One.
Corcoran: One? This keeps up and we'll be out of a job.

Corky thinks I should have a childhood. But I don't want one. And it's too late now. I'm a woman.


Corcoran: So is that a new hat?
Francis: Yeah.
Corcoran: Is it a present or a purchase?
Francis: Present. I'm engaged, to Miss Mary Lockwood.

Elizabeth: It looks magical!
Corcoran: Magic won't stop the roderick gang from coming in here and holding up your rich friends. People will get killed, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Nothing good comes from fear.
Corcoran: n=Nothing good comes from denial, either.

Police chief: Friday just happens to be the one night my men work gratis. You're a lucky woman.
Elizabeth: All widows are.

You ain't got no right coming back expecting everything to be the same. Go make your life, like I'm doing.

Francis [to Corcoran]

I love this idea! Celt versus African battling in a civilized manner. Tickets will be hotter than hell's boiler room.


Now I'm here because a woman was murdered. Not an innocent one mind ya, but which of us are?


You have yet to ask a question, and yet it seems you already have an answer.


Copper Quotes

Look around you, Corky. Since the riots, my people have been moving out of Five Points. My wife, her brothers were hung by the neck from those two lampposts.


Morehouse: Corcoran cut off my leg and saved my life.
Corcoran: Luck of the Irish.
Morehouse: Don't be so modest, Corky. He saved my life and got himself a detective's badge.