The neighborhood where I grew up, nothing much changed. People rarely left, rarely got rich. Never got out of their lot in life. The person you were born as was the person you died as. This sickness, this virus, and this wall we built to stop it, has changed people. It makes all of us see things differently. Some people have caved under pressure, and the difficulties they faced have only brought out the worst in them. Other people have risen up and surprised even themselves. New, and sometimes unlikely alliances, have formed. In the search for truth, some found not only answers, but redemption. The very concept of what it means to be a family has been reshaped. Sometimes for the better. And then there are those who felt like they needed to choose between their heart, and their duty, and in the end, found a way to choose both. This cordon has changed me. The one thing I never thought I'd find in all this sadness and sickness and death is love. And I'm going to try harder and be one of the people who rises up.


Bert: Why don't we make ourselves comfortable?
Micheline: We?
Bert: I was never gonna let you dance alone.

Jake: Katie always gave me a hard time when I thought about giving up. She always saw me as more of a hero than I saw myself.
Cannerts: She had a way of seeing the good in people.
Jake: Yeah...she did.

If there's one thing I learned from having you as a father, it's that you don't trust OPS.


Nobody hands out attaboys for not dying from a virus.


Meese: You here to give me a lecture?
Jake: I'm here to see if you'll take two more.

I know your mom loved you very much, and the people who love us? They stay with us.

Jake [to Quentin]

Jake: The last thing she asked me to do was get her son out of here.
Jana: You should come with us.

Quentin, being your mom has been the greatest adventure anyone could ever ask for. And I know you feel like someone blew a hole up in your heart, but you can fill it with memories. Remember to be happy.


You want to know what the scariest moment of my life was? The day you were born. I held you in my arms and I was so terrified I couldn't even move. So you know what I did? I moved anyway. And I kept moving. And the fear eventually went away.

Katie [to Quentin]

Cannerts: I'm so sorry, Katie.
Katie: No, you don't get to be sorry. You talk about courage and integrity, well I'll tell you the same thing I tell my 11 year old son. Be brave and take responsibility for your mistakes. You don't need me to hold you accountable. Just fix this. You're the only hope people in here have.

Bert: You're one of the good ones. Don't let this place convince you otherwise.
Jana: Same to you.

Containment Quotes

You’re determined to get me killed in here, aren’t you?

Jake [to Lex]

In my experience where there’s a mouthpiece, there’s a secret.

Leo [to Lex]