Auggie: Remember when you said you could use several cold beers tonight?
Annie: I never said that.
Auggie: Yeah maybe that was me.

You know what? I'm done.


Are you walking down a familiar path?

Joan (to Annie)

I didn't share it with Mossad. I shared it with you.


The CIA needs me to blur those lines and I am very good at it.


Dmitri: Trust me, no good can come from this.
Annie: I'm not looking for good.

Arthur: How's it gonna look if she dies?
Joan: How's it gonna look? I don't know, but it will feel terrible.

Your footwork's good. Breaking into other people's houses, not so good.


We'll dance again Walker, but not 'til the music's right.


I need you Annie. I never need anyone, but I need you.


Annie Walker's no traitor. I don't care what evidence you have. It's wrong. I'm gonna do whatever I have to do to prove it.


Simon: Will you come with me?
Annie: Yes.