Apparently, this particular incel-leaning unsub has the compulsion to squeeze the life out of any woman he deems too high and mighty.


Elias: I know this is scary, but I need you to know what I'm capable of. I killed 61 people.
Ramona: [catches her breath] Oh God!
Elias: Ramona. Ramona! [snaps his fingers] Hey. Pay attention. We haven't even gotten to the important part yet.
Ramona: You're showing me your face. Oh God! I know what that means. You're showing me your face! I don't want to die.
Elias: Nobody does. Nobody does. So, you want a chance to live?
Ramona: Yes. Yes, I do.
Elias: OK. Good. Then you need to help me.
Ramona: Help you?
Elias: Mm-hm. I need you to help me save my marriage. And then I'll spare your life.

Arthur! Listen to me. Sicarius wants you to kill yourself by your hand or mine. He's counting on you to be a patsy, but you're smarter than that, Arthur. You have a way out, and it starts with you putting the gun down.


Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him and to let him know that you trust him. -- Booker T. Washington


Elias: Tell me something, honestly. Would you give your life in exchange for your husband's?
Mona: No.
Elias: But for your children's?
Mona: Without a doubt.
Elias: I guess we shall see.

For, after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain. -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Prentiss: She denied our case, didn't she?
Bailey: She did. The Sicarius case is officially closed. Sorry, Emily.

AG: Doug?
Bailey: I stand with Agent Prentiss.
AG: OK. Let's hold our horses here, partners. Nobody's throwing their badges on the table today. But we do have a bigger problem.
Prentiss: What bigger problem?
AG: Tunnel vision. The BAU has been so focused on this case you've let others fall behind.

Tyler: When I first reached out to you, I had this hate in my heart, and uh, it's all I had. I just wanted to find who did this to my sister, and then I was gonna end it.
Garcia: You were gonna...
Tyler: Yeah. But I don't feel that way anymore. And the only thing that changed is that I met you. You showed me that there are still good, decent people in the world, so no matter what happens, no matter who you arrest, even if you make an arrest, you made me want to live again. So if this is goodbye, I just, uh, I thought you'd want to know that.

Attorney General: Let me get this straight. On my side, I've got Benjamin Reeves, who killed his mother, a SITTING US senator, next to a shipping container full of evidence. On your side, you have a free death row inmate who MAY have talked to a connection, first name, Cyrus, last name, unknown.
Prentiss: M'am, our profile says Sicarius is married with a possibility of children. Benjamin Reeves didn't fit that. He was not Sicarius.
AG: Emily, that's thin, and you know it.
Prentiss: [sighs] If the BAU cannot do its job, I have no choice but to tender my resignation.

Bailey: How are you not nervous?
Prentiss: I guess after being assaulted, drugged, and killed in the line of duty, I figure, what's the worst that could happen?

Rossi: A19. What's that?
JJ: RFID tracking tag. It's mostly damaged, but the IT department's trying to salvage it.
Tara: Yeah, I mean, RFID tags can be sewn onto clothes, keychains. Some people even have them implanted in case they end up in a, you know, serial killer's shipping container.
Rossi: Well, we work with the tools we have, not the ones we need.

Criminal Minds: Evolution Quotes

Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him and to let him know that you trust him. -- Booker T. Washington


It is claimed that Oscar Wilde wrote, "Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power," except he didn't. Nobody knows who wrote it.