Student: Does it ever get hard, dealing with all that tragedy?
Agent Rossi: You know it's funny, some cases they end well so you can forget them. And some like this one, they become a part of you.

Agent Morgan: Have you ever heard of Ephram Saldovar?
Student: No.
Morgan: David Parker Ray?
Student: No.
Morgan: How about John Edward Robinson? See at any given time we have about 25 open cases. And every year we're able to close about 15, but new ones always seem to pop up. There are more serial killers out there than you may think.

Agent Rossi: (We needed to) give him a false sense of security. If he thinks we messed up maybe he relaxes, makes a mistake.
Agent Prentiss: That or he gets angry because he thinks someone else is stealing his thunder.
Agent Hotchner: Either way, the aim of the strategy is to throw the killer off course.
JJ: Otherwise all we're doing is reacting to him, and we needed him to react to us.

Agent Prentiss: There's a lot about Rachel that tells us about the UnSub. She was young, so most likely he was, too.
Student: What makes you think that?
JJ: Well she lived in a shelter and had a part-time job, so she was a street kid, but not necessarily the reckless type. She wouldn't just go off with anyone.

Agent Rossi: Now these two girls couldn't be more different. But the one thing they both have in common is that they both crossed paths with the most prolific killer the BAU has ever seen.
Dr. Reid: What you need to understand is that no two killers are the same. They each occupy their own spot in the behavioral spectrum. Genetics, brain chemistry, psychology, they're all factors.
Agent Hotchner: But we believe this particular killer grew up in an environment so adverse he never had a chance.

Agent Prentiss: There was definitely something a little strange about her.
Agent Hotchner: It is curious. One woman at the center of two serial killers.
JJ: Yeah what are the odds of that?
Reid: Astronomical. I mean removing from the calculation serial killer groupies and...(Hotch stops him).
JJ: Sorry I asked.

Garcia: I have found a thing of interest regarding the shanking attempts made on Garrett in prison.
Agent Hotchner: What is it?
Garcia: The timing. See the first time Garrett was attacked was May 25, 2008. The day before that, May 24th for those of you keeping score, his imminent execution day was postponed. So then if you fast forward to the second shanking attempt of stabbiness, that would be November 15, 2010. The day before that, his next execution date, also postponed.
JJ: OK I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that someone decided to take matters into their own hands. Thanks Garcia.
Garcia: Ever welcome, my comrades.

Agent Rossi: One of my various brothers in law was a mail man. He said the expression "going postal" made perfect sense to him. You spend all day delivering a mountain of letters one at a time, then you go to work the next morning and there's a whole new mountain to deal with. And it's forever.
Agent Prentiss: Sounds like our job. It took seven years for the world to get rid of Rod Garrett and 15 minutes later a new one pops up.

Agent Hotchner: He's killed at 6am, noon and 6pm.
Dr. Reid: I don't know about you guys, but I'm not feeling so good about the stroke of midnight.

Agent Hotchner: Another body's been found a half mile from the first victim's, same MO.
Agent Morgan: That's six hours later, this guy's not wasting any time.
Hotch: We land in 20 minutes. Reid, you and JJ go to the latest crime scene. Rossi, you and Prentiss talk to Garrett's widow while Morgan and I go to the prison. If Garrett's got a disciple we better find out who he is and fast.

Agent Morgan: She might've been cooking dinner, but it was not for Malcolm Ford.
Prentiss: You think they have a child?
Morgan: Yes I do.
Dr. Reid: We didn't profile that. There's no evidence of a child in their home or their lives.
JJ: Not unless Ford keeps the child from her to keep her in line. I mean, that fits the profile.
Rossi: It's a stretch.
Morgan: But it's the only theory that would explain her behavior.
Hotch: Alright, Morgan. Prove it.

JJ: So I get home and of course he's still up past his bed time.
Agent Prentiss: Ugh. It reminds me of why I'm not married.
JJ: Well, neither am I technically.
Prentiss: Ha, oh yeah you're right, that's true. Do you guys ever...
JJ: No, I really don't need a man to tell me what to do.
Prentiss: Yeah.
Malcolm: Excuse me.
JJ: Shh! The adults are talking, when it's your turn to speak I'll give you permission.

Criminal Minds Season 7 Quotes

Agent Rossi: Have you ever been in the field?
Senator Cramer: I have, but I'm not the one on trial here.
Rossi: Then maybe you can imagine what it was like to find Emily Prentiss dying at the hands of Ian Doyle. Now ask yourself, was it wrong for him to want to take him out?

Garcia: This would've been a heck of a lot easier had he gone digital.
Morgan: Garcia there's an art to this. This guy was meticulous, definitely a control freak.
Garcia: Yeah, he's dead. He couldn't control that.