Thirty-two years in a monkey suit my eyes are always open.

Bill Hunt

Adam: Hey Mac, if a bird spits on you do you think it's the same good luck as whe-
Mac: Figure it out, Adam.

I'm not pregnant. I'm just hungry.


Danny: What about that feast that we brought you in bed?
Lindsey: That was Mother's Day...two years ago.

Camille: I'm throwing a party and was wondering if you wanted to come by.
Hawkes: Babe, didn't we almost just die?
Camille: Why do you think I'm throwing a party?

Jo: So all this time we've been looking at food trucks we should have been focusing on fine dining.
Mac: Let's go see if murder is on the menu.

I'm your wife, okay? You don't have to turn on me.


Mac: And how are you?
Jo: I think I messed up, Mac. You know all my friends keep saying to me, "Jo, you know, when most people get divorced they just rebound into some awful relationship, or they spend all their money traveling through Europe trying to find themselves. But you, you adopt a child."

Jo: You have a little black book listing all the things wrong with the ex-wife?
Russ Josephson: No, it's a list of all the things I adore about you.

I adopted you because you needed me...And, because I needed you.


Danny: You got a hall pass young lady?
(Jo flashes her badge)
Danny: Alright, that'll do.

Danny: She was a pretty smart girl....Calculus C.
Jo: Lord, I never knew there was an A or a B.

CSI: NY Quotes

This place is sooo creepy, but I guess funeral home? What else would it be?


Jo: We've got an appointment to go visit the dead.
Flack: Work related I hope.