Serena: We've been together a few months. Sometimes people have second thoughts.
Folsom: That's not what this is. I barely have first thoughts.
Serena: So you're just an idiot.
Folsom: That's me.

I don't mean to be a nervous Nellie. But I'm concerned about setting fire to, you know, Las Vegas.


Sonya: Does Bigfoot have radioactive breath?
Allie: No, that's Godzilla.

Beau: It's my first arson case. I'm fired up.
Folsom: Pun intended?
Beau: Mm hmm.

Chris: That enough coffee for you?
Max: Not even close.

Allie: Seventeen inches.
Folsom: Whoever he is, he's got a future in the NBA.

Those poor firemen. [Maxine] is cranky tonight.