Morgan: So that phone call, it was Detective Moreno?
Fin: That is a definite yes.

I thought this was just a bunch of gear-heads having fun, not Death Race 2012.


DB: So it's not just a crash site.
Nick: No, it's an 80 MPH missing persons case. Well, on your mark, get set, go.

DB: You faked that injury for Henry.
Finn: I wanted him to bring me home.

If the key fits, you must convict.


DB: This is what we are going to do, we are not going home, we going to go over all the old cases with similar M/O.
Nick: Yeah, I'm down, maybe if we can't keep him locked up for the James murder, we can keep him in for something else.
DB: Damn right.

Greg: octyl cyanoacrylate!
DB: Gesundheit.
Greg: It's what Nick smelled in the alley, octyl cyanoacrylate. It's inva-skin.

Lets go rally the troops and see if forensics can do what police work couldn't.


Moreno: Maybe you pulled a muscle.
Finn: Feels like it, I think I need a rub down.
Moreno: I'll keep that in mind.

DB: Are you saying there is a third one out there?
Henry: Look on the bright side, we still know who we are looking for.

Sarah: Xavier checked in on Friday, the only thing he's been doing since then is watching porn.
Officer: Guess murder makes him horny.

Archie: How can a guy be in two places at the same time?
Morgan: He can't

CSI Season 12 Quotes

Hodges: I think your wrong on that one.
Morgan: I'm sorry?
Hodges: Oh, don't be sorry, just be wrong.

No body, no suspects, but if you're in the market for a murder weapon.. pick one