Monena: I can give four blow jobs an hour.
Larry: Four blow jobs an hour?
Monena: Oh yes, I'm good.

Monena: You bought me one little raggedy-ass hot dog!
Larry: Yeah, which you proceded to blow!

Nat: That's good shit.
Monena: You're crazy! "That's some good shit."
Nat: I wonder what it is to smoke bad shit?

(to country club interviewers) If you're ever looking for a good blow job at a reasonable rate, she's your gal.


Monena: Hey daddy, you wanna date with momma?
Larry: (sees empty HOV lane) Get in the car.

This chronic is the shiznick.


I will pull a titty out in this thing!


Hygienist: You remind me of my college history teacher.
Larry: Was he an avuncular, bald Jew?

I wouldn't go around quoting "good Hodgkin's" based on Party of Five.


Larry: I hope I can do this. She's fierce.
Jeff: Okay, at first thought it was my imagination, but you're talking really gay.

The dog bit my penis!


Jeff: Steve the choreographer--you've been spending a lot of time with him?
Larry: I probably picked up some of his mannerisms.
Jeff: Some? All! You're him! You're Steve the gay choreographer!

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 4 Quotes

Wang isn't a bad first name. Wang. Then you got the whole "-ang" family. Fang, Bang, Tang.


Dr. Morrison: There is a slight bit of pain involved. Nothing more than a little prick.
Larry: Yeah, there definitely is a prick involved.