I just want to start my life with John Ross and never look back.


Harris: Oh Annie, I bet you're enjoying this.
Ann: Actually I'm not Harris because I'm not a sick, sadistic prick like you are.

I'm exactly my father's daughter.


Leave your father's dreams behind, Mija. Find your own dreams.


The only person who could take down J.R was J.R.

John Ross

Thank you J.R. for taking care of all of us, even from the great beyond.


Cliff: Who killed J.R.?
Bobby: You'll never know, Cliff.

I have never done anything the Ewings asked me to do and I am not going to start today.


Bobby: I've waited for this moment for a long time.
Cliff: What moment would that be?
Bobby: The moment our feud is over.

I mourned Pamela long ago.


I'm glad Drew is gone and Roy is dead. Now they can't hurt you.


Have other children. Forget your father. There was nothing unintentional about it.


Dallas Season 2 Quotes

Love is for pussies.

John Ross

You know how they say men make up for their manhood by buying fast cars? Well, that goes double for diamonds.

John Ross