Matt: Getting caught probably would have been better for them.
Colette: Better how?
Matt: Teach them a lesson. They think they can do whatever they want. Think they can get away with anything.

Addy: Nothing happened. We were out of there before the cops came. And no one's gonna talk.
Colette: Okay. Not even Beth?
Addy: Especially Beth. Beth never talks about anything. Not even to me.

Tacy: Are you trying to break dad's heart?
Beth: What?
Tacy: Your necklace. The one that dad gave you. Did you lose it? No wonder he doesn't get you nice things.

Addy: What were you and coach talking about?
Beth: Nothing. Girlfriends just pissed you brought me there last night. So am I. It was the last place you should have taken me.

Addy: You and Kurtz? Friday night. Nothing happened that you didn't want to happen, right?
Beth: Nothing happened.

Riri: You know, I really thought she might come this time.
Addy: Enter enemy territory? No way.
Riri: Yeah, but, what is she doing after practice everyday?

Colette: God, it must be so nice to be a guy. To be applauded for just showing up and trying. Babysitting your own kid every once and awhile. Unloading the dishwasher once a week because I'm doing it the wrong way. You think I'm avoiding responsibilities, I'm not. I am just juggling everyone else's trying to be perfect every single second.
Matt: Nobody's asking you to be perfect. We just want you here with us.
Colette: Right. Smiling for the family portrait in the picture perfect house that we can't afford. Some nights, cooped up in this...trapped. It makes me want to scream. It makes me crazy.

Addy: Will is definitely worth cancelling practice for.
Colette: I didn't cancel practice for Will. I didn't cancel practice. You lead.
Addy: I did.

Addy: I've never seen you hype a party so hard. What's your angle?
Beth: Can't I just wanna have fun with my friends? Every woman has her secrets.

Beth: Can you imagine if someone actually wanted to take advantage of her? I mean, if she succumbs so easily to perceived peer pressure from her own sister. Am I the only one that sees the problem here?
Bert: She does kind of have a point.

Bert: Beth, why don't you just apologize. Make everyone happy, so we can get the rest of our afternoon back.
Beth: Well, I think people should be responsible for their choices. Even very small, weak people. This is really about accountability.
Tacy: I didn't give myself borderline hypothermia.

I am not your mother, Hanlon. I expected more from you. So much more.


Dare Me Quotes

First game is next Friday. What do I see? Spray tans. Gummy bear thighs. Backyard tumblers. But I don't see a squad. And I do not see my top girl.


Colette: Look, I get she's your friend.
Addy: She is.
Colette: I've known a lot of Beth's. She needs limits. I'm giving them to her, it's that simple.