If you lose your hair I'm shaving my head in solidarity.


Bro, that doughnut you made me eat had me hallucinating. Starting today, I'm on a juice cleanse.


Ava: Does Marie Kondo rest just because she built an empire?
Zari: No.
Ava: No, no. She tidies up and that is exactly what we're going to continue to do. We are going to tidy up the timeline.

Ava: Ray, I want you and Zari to QB.
Zari: Oh, you don't have to tell me to queen bee, it'll occur naturally.

Nate: B, chin up! You are a catch. If there was a female version of you, I would be all over her. Fact!
Behrad: Like my sister?
Nate: Absolutely.

Behrad: I'm sorry I couldn't protect you Prince Charles.
Charlie: It's not your fault. But my friends call me Charlie.

What is with all these damn scooters? They're a menace!


Ray: Eventually, I plan on asking Nora to marry me.
Gary: Can I be your flower boy?
Ray: Oh, that's very sweet Gary. Odd, but very sweet.

Charlie: I'm just gonna come out with it. I am a Fate.
Nate: One of the three old Greek ladies?
Charlie: That's offensive, but correct.
Ava: Which one are you?
Charlie: Clotho, the Spinner.
Zari: I'm super confused, but what do you spin?
Charlie: Look, I don't spin anything anymore, but I used to spin people's futures.