Why would a man who can travel through time always be in such a hurry?


If his great- great-whatever killed himself, then maybe he has to keep moving in order for his own non-existence to keep from catching up with him. Boooom.


Two former members of the League of Assassins versus a speedster. I am liking those odds.


Sweetheart, I don't want to rain on your parade, but you're a, oh, how did the professor put it...an abrasion. No, uh, that's not right. Um. An asphyxiation. No, an aber...an aberration! You're a time aberration! You're a time aberration.


Lily: Fake food never tasted so good.
Mick: Fake food for a fake person.

I like beer. Gets me drunk.


Bank Employee: There you go, Mr. Hunter. Please lean toward the scanner like you would.
Rip: Excuse me?
Bank Employee: The retinal scan.
Rip: Rectal scanner?
Bank Employee: What?

It may not be in the best condition, but then again, Captain Hunter *is* British.

Darhk [looking at tooth]

Thawne: This is what I get for relying on a washout and a dead man.
Darhk [to Merlyn]: I don't like that guy.

Mixing metaphors isn't going to fix anything.


It's not that Captain Hunter's uncooperative, it's that he's not fully in possession of his marbles.