Aaron: Anything good?
Mystery Lady: Depends on whose side you're on.

Truth is, I never like Orders to Compel, and I think you're a kind of badass.


I'm scared I'm going to fail. Fail our nation at this crucial time.


I need someone who can think differently than I do.


Sir, perhaps you've noticed you're surrounded by people who would love to see you fail. I want to help you succeed. I want to help you thrive.


Kirkman: I'm not ready to declare war.
Aaron: All due respect, sir, that's a decision you can only make if you remain President.

You might not be ready for it, but you are now truly our Commander in Chief.


Hookstraten: Forgive me, sir, but I did not leak that video. I'm wondering why you think I did.
Kirkman: Because you said it to my face that we needed an enemy. Well, now we've got one, and we both know you're not above undermining me.

She's so political, she doesn't even seem political.


Alex: This isn't good.
Kirkman: No. This is what you get for being honest in D.C. Opportunism.

Aaron: Sir, you admit to this, you bring down your presidency before it even begins.
Emily: Deny it, and you start your presidency off with a lie.

He had the hardest job in the world. He had things coming at him from everyone, everywhere, but, still, he was always there for me.


Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Did President Kirkman get a Best Buy gift card for Christmas, or is the White House having some sort of security issue?


I have some very big shoes to fill.