My kids are my calling card. They're what I have to show for myself. I don't have a career, Susan. My kids are my job. And whatever happens, if they succeed or they don't succeed, it's because of how I raised them.


Take it from the reigning odd duck on the lane, nobody cares about that silly stuff.

Mrs. McCluskey

Now I can see what I've done to my life and how I've ruined it.


I certainly have a firmer grasp on reality now. I can see things for the first time in a long while, very clearly


You want to talk about this? Fine! We lost a kid. We'll never meet him. We'll spend the rest of our lives looking at one, always wondering why there aren't two. How can saying this out loud be helpful?


I could forgive you if you betrayed me with anyone even remotely admirable, but you chose the most contemptible man I have ever known. No, Bree, I do not need you.


I had an affair.


We eat Chinese food, too. Does that mean I'm Chinese?


We really wanna join you and help with that diversity thing.


Gabrielle: I know I'm biased, but I think she's a budding genius.
Juanita: I'm Mexican?

Karl: You're supposed to be catering a wedding.
Bree: Yes, clearly this is my fault. (the woman raises up) Courtney?
Courtney: I'm so sorry, Bree.
Bree: Really, Karl, my yoga instructor?
Courtney: No charge for next month, okay?
Bree: Like I'm keeping you! Get the hell out of my house.
Karl: She... she's going.
Bree: I'm not talking to her!

Susan: If we are gonna put this behind us, I need to know about everyone that you've seen since we were married.
Karl: Everyone? I don't think this is a good idea.
Susan: Karl, I don't want to be wondering, when we go to a party or a restaurant, "did he sleep with her? Her? Her?"
Karl: Okay. Well, you found out about Brandy.
Susan: Yes. It was nice to put the panties with a face.