Since when is civil disobedience stupid, Professor Tischbier?


Fritz, we can't have fields of strawberries going to waste just because of a nasty American rumor.


You can't replace Martin.


Fighting violence with violence just makes more violence.


Lenora: Since when does East Germany do business with it's archenemy, West Germany?
Dietrich: Since we have no choice, Comrade Rauch.
Lenora: You always have a choice.

Lenora: Comrade Dietrich, you have managed to turn our Socialist organization into a kind of capitalist mafia. I wonder what motivates you. Don't you care about socialist ideals? About creating a better world? Or only about money?
Dietrich: I don't see any contradiction.

Walter: Don't use one terrorist to discredit the whole revolution.
Valdez: You know what they say, Schweppenstette? One man's revolutionary is another man's terrorist.

Brigitte: You want to work with us?
Martin: Yes. I'll join the BND.

At least the BND doesn't have the Socialists' problem that eventually they run out of other people's money.


No one gets out of the spy business.


Brigitte: This career is the path we choose.
Martin: I didn't choose it. And I'm done. Done hiding. Done being afraid. Done with the spy game.
Brigitte: Martin.
Martin: What? It's all lies. In the end, all that matters is money.

Brigitte: Martin Rauch.
Martin: Sold to the highest bidder.

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East Germany is expensive. And that's not because we're greedy. It's because equality is expensive. Our ideals are expensive and it's up to government organizations such as ours to support these ideals efficiently.


And one more thing. I hate to say it, but...I need a man.