How am I supposed to explain to my children that my daddy's dead because of a fucking bank?

Claire [to Massimo]

I'm going to stop [running] now. My turn to take care of you.

Massimo [to Carrie]

A lira for your thoughts.

Carrie [to Massimo]

Dominic: You're a good friend. I know this is hard on you.
Nina: I know what it is to grieve. That's all.

This has become an expensive meeting. Get back to work.

Massimo [to his team]

You used me, and one of your colleagues killed himself as a result.

Sofia [to Massimo]

Massimo: Let's replay the point. I don't like to win that way.
Dominic: Have I taught you nothing? Nobody cares how you win. Besides, I'll kick your ass next time.

Although I can't see the devil's face, I know he can see mine. I can't hide.


Being near Dominic costs people. You should know that better than anyone.

Nina [to Massimo]

Nina: For him to talk about sacrifice. It was Dominic John ran away from.
Massimo: Dominic didn't want John to join the Army, Nina.
Nina: But he didn't try really hard to stop him.

Sofia: How about we talk over dinner?
Massimo: You're nothing if not persistent.

Ed: Banking used to be a noble profession. But unfortunately these days it seems to stoop ever lower.
Massimo: I was born low. The only way I could ever go was up. Unfortunately, in your case, the only way to go is down.

Devils Quotes

They say the devil's greatest trick is making us believe he doesn't exist. But he's real, as real as the water the fish swim in, as real as the finance flowing through this bank.


But if we're the fish in the know, Massimo is the one who swims up behind you and you don't even see him coming. He's the shark.