If you called me here to fire me, you're too late.

Massimo [to Jeremy]

Massimo: Is something wrong?
Sofia: Tired.

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Dominic: Is that how you see yourself? As a saint?
Duval: Right now, I appear to be a martyr, don't I?
Dominic: One man's martyr is another man's terrorist.

Sofia: Massimo.
Massimo: Yes?
Sofia: Breathe.

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Dominic: Every morning you stand there like a storm cloud.
Alex: I'm only the messenger, sir.

Eleanor: We saw you tattling with Dominic last night.
Oliver: Yeah, because he played me. I have no idea why Massimo got fired.

People listen to the devil whispering in their ears. Today, at this moment, he is whispering in mine.


Eleanor: It seems our shark is growing a bloody conscience.
Oliver: Why are you telling me this?
Eleanor: I haven't.

I'm trusting you. Now I need you to start trusting me.

Sofia [to Massimo]

Massimo: Dominic's got blood on his hands. Ed's and Carrie's.
Eleanor: Then at least call this what it is: revenge.

Eleanor: You make it look so easy.
Massimo: What?
Eleanor: Lying to everyone. Including us.

Nina: [Massimo] is so much like you. Maybe it was inevitable.
Dominic: Maybe.

Devils Quotes

They say the devil's greatest trick is making us believe he doesn't exist. But he's real, as real as the water the fish swim in, as real as the finance flowing through this bank.


But if we're the fish in the know, Massimo is the one who swims up behind you and you don't even see him coming. He's the shark.