He's crazy. He's obsessive. He kills people.


Lily: I love you, baby.
Jamie: I wish you did, but you don't. It's just the dope talking.

I think DEVS is how you've put yourself on trial. It's judge and jury. If it works, determinism precludes free will, and you're absolved, you did no wrong. But if it doesn't work, you had choices, and you're guilty.


Enjoy, dweebs.


You are creative, you are unexpected, funny, clever, hot. Awesome in every way. So yeah, I'm in love with you.


Everything's containable. But only if you're willing to do what it takes.


You're a puppy dog. And you're devoted to her, forever and ever. And you'll do anything she wants, in case she chucks you a bone.


Stewart: Go.
Lyndon: Go?
Stewart: You're very young. You're very rich. Go.

You know for two years I've been shadowed by a thousand things about you. Your face in the morning, stupid jokes we had, names we had for each other. But I just remembered what it was really like going out with you.

Cause precedes effect. Effect leads to cause.


Forest: Everything we do is predicated on the idea that we live in a physical universe, not a magical universe.
Katie: Are you doubting that?
Forest: Not the physical universe. But I am scared we might be magicians.

Laine: So, is it gonna rain tomorrow?
Forest: Doesn't look like it.

DEVS Quotes

I have friends, and they're taking care of me. In fact, I'm with them right now.


You can talk to me at any time. You can call me at any time. You have no professional obligations to fulfill. Your job and your income are secure and they will stay that way as long as you need them to.