I've never really felt love -- real love -- until now.

Dexter [voiceover]

Don't worry about me. I am the phoenix. I rise from the ashes.

We'll get through this. The world needs us.

I'm not your fucking caretaker. I'm your goddamn son.


Dexter: You're right.
Harrison: I don't want to be right! I want to be normal.

You don't really care about saving anyone, do you? You're just feeding this Dark Passenger. It's not even a passenger, it's fucking driving!


You loved the power you had over them. It fed the darkness inside you. You loved the hunt, the capture, their terror feeding you.

Go big or go home.

Dexter [voiceover]
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Kurt: Peace be with you.
Dexter: And also with you.

Secrets are secret for a reason.

I still have one more gift to wrap -- in plastic!

There were fucking alternatives, Dexter! Therapy! Institutionalization! Prison might have been better.