I took the gun inside the house so he would listen to me. If he wouldn't listen to me, then I was going to kill myself!

Janet: She worshiped. It was her main goal in life. She loved it more than her children. She was a very materialistic person, always. An alcoholic spender.
Jack: So, pretty much a fairly disgusting person whose main concern was money. Very few redeeming qualities, and yet, for whatever reason, this was your friend.

Maybe I should have eaten them. Maybe then my bail would have been set, too.

But you know, I don't know if she can get well. Not now. I think she just needs to get old.


Betty: I said this country has to redefine its definition of a weapon. I said the law has to take into account the differences between men and women with respective power. Men have all of it. I said, you bet Dan Broderick was a great lawyer. That's how he could do to me what he did! Joe Blow wouldn't have had the know-how or the clout! I said, I represent the extremes of what can happen to women in divorce courts.
Jack: Ah. And this airs Sunday night?

I know how to tell my story, Jack. K?

Linda: You won't even look at it?
Dan: What's in it doesn't matter. What matters is you went into her house to get it. You broke into and entered her house.
Linda: But the door was unlocked!
Dan: Fine. The door was unlocked, so you trespassed. You trespassed and stole her property.
Linda: Like she has done to us so many times.
Dan: Exactly. That's what she does, not what we do. We do not do that.
Linda: [reading] I have nowhere to turn. I am desperate. If this is the way domestic disputes are settled in the courts, is there any wonder there are so many murders?
Dan: Just put it back where you found it.
Linda: What? How?
Dan: I don't care. Just do it.

California Civil Jury Instruction number 1701. An opinion may be considered a statement of facts if said opinion suggests that facts exist. When deciding this issue, you should decide whether the average listener will conclude from the language of the statement and its contents that the person was making a statement of fact. Here's a statement of fact. Very few people understand what I just said, including myself.


Whether they've been injured, or sued, or charged with a crime, your client's interests must be your ultimate concern, and their perception of reality is the one that matters. So, as their lawyer, you need to uncover facts that support their perception because your client's perception is their truth, and serving them means doing your utmost to show them that their truth represents the ultimate truth.


The humiliations I put up with, the stories I heard about myself. No Christmas, no birthdays with my kids. Everything I suffered, everything I didn't react to, I didn't stand up for, I didn't fight for. You know Alice Through the Looking Glass? You know that dark tunnel she fell down? That's you.

Two people can perceive a given event differently. If your perception of it doesn't line up with mine, whose perception of that event is true? Now, we're not talking about people who are clinically mentally compromised. Those individuals need medical and psychological treatment, not legal counsel.


There are those who consider truth universal. Those people are not trial lawyers. Or, scratch that. Those people are not successful trial lawyers. Successful trial lawyers are absolutely seekers of truth. They are seekers of it, but more important than that, they are the ones who define what truth is.