Betty: Did you not hear me? Did you think I didn't mean it?
Dan: No. I knew you did. But you made a mistake. You thought it was your decision. You think you decide who works for me, for my practice, where I make the money that you spend, but you don't. I pay for your life. Everything about it. I pay for this house that you live in, so if anyone's going to be getting out, it's you.

Get rid of her. I mean it. Get rid of her by the end of this month, or you can get out of this house.

You don't say things like that. You don't call anyone beautiful.

Dan: There are two sides to every story, OK. If you were being honest with yourself, you'd admit that you don't know both.
Betty: Do you? Have you asked him?
Dan: It's none of my business.
Betty: It's none of your business what kind of person your friend is?! How he treats people who trust him, depend on him, that he made a vow to?

Dan: Why do you have to tell Yvonne anything? She knows how this goes. Besides, why do you care what Martin does? OK? I mean, if he's such a shit, isn't Yvonne better off without him?
Betty: You know what? I don't care, but I'm not going to stand there and toast his happiness and, and condone this.

Image inspires confidence; confidence breeds success. I just wish success brought a love in your work. But, I guess success is its own reward.


What's better, Betts? Rich, or richer?


Betty: We'll have to leave the room for a little while, won't we? Not to be in the way of housekeeping?
Dan: Ah, they're not coming. I told the desk not to send them. We're married now. We want to be alone.
Betty: What? You want to sleep in an unmade bed?
Dan: Why would I have to? You can make a bed.

I would LIKE to say that I'm not the crazy one. He is.

Betty: Divorce is the closest most people will come to war in their lives. And that is what war is, who controls who. If you don't control them, they control you. I never hated him, you know. I hate what he did, but I don't hate him. Maybe inside I still think he'll see reality for what it is. But what are you doing to do? I can't make him do that. I can't make him wake up.
Detective: You can't because he's dead, isn't that right?
Betty: Yes, no, that's right.
Detective: You gave us a statement. Do you remember doing that?
Betty: I do, I know. I just. I think I just, I. I'm amazed it only took one bullet to kill Dan Broderick.

Hi. My name is Elizabeth Ann Broderick, and I'm about to be railroaded by my husband and his attorney. They sold my house, proposed some confusing settlement. I've been robbed of my children. I desperately need qualified counsel before the 16th.

I know you think if you don't play, you can't lose, Betty. But you can. You're losing already.