Mary: Well, Barrow? Would you like to be butler here?
Thomas: Certainly, my lady.

Edith: Oh, Papa. Did you ever think we'd get to this day?
Robert: I'm not sure. [chuckles] Maybe. You've always surprised me, you know. But no one can plan on a brilliant match.

Tom: We like strong women here.
Laura: Do you really?
Tom: I can assure you we like them very much indeed.

Rosamund: What do you think makes the English the way we are?
Violet: I don't know. Opinions differ. Some say our history, but I blame the weather.

Well, there's a lot at risk, but with any luck they'll be happy enough. Which is the English version of a happy ending.


Denker: Oh, Mr. Spratt. I know you resent me.
Spratt: Why would I resent you?
Denker: Because I'm interesting, because I'm exotic, because I'm attractive.
Spratt: Oh, dear me, this is worse than I thought. Do you always have trouble distinguishing fact from fiction?

Edith: Now you're happy again, you'll be nicer... for a while.
Mary: If that's what you feel, then why are you here?
Edith: Because, in the end, you're my sister and one day, only we will remember Sybil... or Mama or Papa or Matthew or Michael or Granny or Carson or any of the others who have peopled our youth... until, at last, our shared memories will mean more than our mutual dislike.

Mary: I believe I've met my match. I have. I'm not 20, trembling at the touch of your hand, but I know that if I leave you now I'll never be as happy as we could've been together.
Henry: I'm not 20 either but I still tremble at the touch of your hands.
Mary: Me, too. I don't know why I said that.

I believe in love. I mean, brilliant careers, rich lives, are seldom led without... just an element of love.


You are the only woman I know who likes to think herself cold and selfish and grand. Most of us spend our lives trying to hide it.

Violet [to Mary]

Mary: We're going, Barrow, and I hope things improve for you. I really do.
Thomas: I'd say the same if it weren't impertinent, M'Lady.

Mary: Do you still think dismissing Barrow was a useful saving, Papa?
Robert: That's rather below the belt, even for you.

Downton Abbey Quotes

Anna, help me do battle with this monstrosity. It looks like a creature from the lost world.


But no, I'm not back in the Army. It appears they don't want me.

Lord Robert