Jane I know you're really Deb. What, can't a guy who almost died have a little fun?


Jane: Owen's pretty much perfect.
Stacy: And I hate it! I don't know what's wrong with me.

Kim: Our clients want to win.
Jane: No they want respect.

I didn't become a lawyer to put guilty predators back on the street.


Come on, I have been more of a guardian angel to you than you've ever been to me. I feed you, I dress you, remember last night when you fell asleep watching TV, I took the gum out of your mouth so you wouldn't choke.

Jane [to Paul]

My baby's first selfie!


If you're going to yell at me for taking another pro bono don't strain your vocal cords, I'm fully committed.

Jane [to Kim]

Grayson: Well it's been a long day, I should get home.
Jane: Yeah, yeah have a good night.
Grayson: Just one more thing.
Jane: What's that?
Grayson: I love you, too.

Owen, you had me at vacuum cleaner.


My hair is like a beaver pelt!


We only tell ourselves things are complicated when we're scared.

Ellie [to Owen]

Only you could find a way to rock out in prison.

Jane [to Teri]

Drop Dead Diva Quotes

I also heard that the firm is having financial problems and it's up to you to save us all. Must be like trying to save the Titanic.

Jane [to Kim]

I haven't stopped thinking about Jane since she left for Italy.