You’re not my daughter, ever since you were shot. I never read Alice in Wonderland to you. A mother knows her child. You’re not the same Janey, but you’re still my Janey. And in ways I never imagined, I love you. Whoever you are.

Elaine [to Jane]

Few burdens are heavy is everyone lifts.


Why don’t I just become Amish? I mean what do you say, you and me Jacob? Milking goats and raising barns?


I think that she loves you so much that she doesn’t want you to hurt. Because when you hurt, she hurts.


Grayson, your 10 AM flogging is here.


Jane Bingum, you don’t look like you’re from around here…unless you’re in one of those hipster bands, or that’s Gautier.

Jane [to Amish man]

Let’s just say I’ve been experiencing a bit of a sexual renaissance.

Bobbi Dobkins

I'm just glad you're okay.


When it's true love you just know.


Well, you admitted infidelity in open court.


Call the police my date stole my car.


Owen: What? You already sold your shares?
Teri: Who the hell bought them? Tell me or I'll cut you!
Grayson: You can't say that.
Teri: I thought you said it was a hostile takeover.

Drop Dead Diva Season 5 Quotes

It's a turkey. Origami calms me down.

What's this? A swan, a frog, and a crane with a glandular condition? Grayson

Oh my Grayson.