Regina: I'm sorry, John [that Sharpe won't consider him for PC].
Suarez: It's okay. I've made my peace with it. I'll stay right here and keep doing what we do.
Regina: As long as they let us.

Quinlan, I don't know whether you're going to survive this. There are people in this department gunning for you just like there are people gunning for me. Don't make it easy for them.


Suarez: I feel as much of an obligation as you do. I just don't drape myself in moral purpose.
Regina: The only thing I drape myself in is my uniform.

Thora: I think he was staying away from all that.
Killian: Do you believe that?
Regina: Til we have someone in handcuffs, I don't believe anybody.

Donaldson wants to be commissioner so bad he can taste it. He's going to make your officer wrong for going against housing regulations. He's going to make you wrong for putting cops in the housing projects. And he's going to make me wrong for allowing it.


Mroales: I guess in terms of motive, money's out.
Killian: Yeah but you'd be surprised what's valuable on the streets.

Sharpe: Lustig is going to be new financial chair of my campaign.
Suarez: So what are you saying? That I apologize to Lustig? Because the moment a guy like Lustig gets his foot on my back, it stays there.

Killian: That's a pretty scary knife.
Peanut: You seen the streets out there? They're pretty scary too.

Donna: I can't believe this is happening again.
Sandeford: What's happening again?
Donna: A few years ago, someone was killing homeless people on Pennsylvania Avenue. It took the cops forever to respond.

Regina: You know, you're making a mess.
Sean: It's required in my grandmother's recipe. It says it right here. 'Make a mess.'
Regina: As long as it also says 'clean it up afterwards.'

Regina: She's claiming self-defense. A good prosecutor could poke holes in it.
Suarez: But would they want to?

Wexler: You have what you need to make an arrest, detectives?
Killian: No sir. We do not.
Wexler: Then I am going back to enjoying my evening with my wife and my friends. And unless you have appropriate attire and $1,500 a person, I suggest you go back to your squad room in East New York and search for the perp instead of making fools of yourselves here.

East New York Quotes

Rookie: Who's that guy?
Supervisor: He shows up wherever there's cameras.

Salon Worker: Big day for you, huh? You the boss now.
Hayward: I'm A boss. There are lots of bosses. I have a boss.