Ms. Russell: So it was a stranger. Someone who didn't know who she was, who didn't know she trudged through the city for six months looking for a space she could afford, that she loaned what little money she had to her students who had nothing.
Regina: When a young woman like your daughter is taken from us, we look for a reason. And sometimes there is no reason.
Ms. Russell: Some say it's this city. But I don't think so. My daughter was also this city.

Morales: Looks like they're playing the knock-out game.
Killian: What's the knock-out game?
Morales: Where you go up to a stranger and punch them in the face. Guess you won't be taking gang initiations for your category next time you're on Jeopardy.

Corinne: Tell Goody we want to talk to him. Just us, no lawyers. Tell him we have a proposition to make.
Killian: What's the proposition?
Corinne: I don't know yet.

My daughter has been dancing since she was five. She didn't slip. She didn't trip. She knew exactly where her body was.

Miss Russell

I hope I can still be a cop. I don't know how to do nothin' else.


Woman: You have some real psychopaths working here, you know that?
Kee: I'm sorry you feel that way.
Woman: You'll be sorry when I sue this department because it's full of bullies.

Worker: Do you know how long it's going to take to restore service?
Killian: We've got a dead woman here. It's gonna take as long as it takes.

Morales: What do you think is going to happen to Sandeford?
Killian: I can't think about that right now.

Suarez: Did you think this was gonna go away with a wink and a nod?
Sandeford: I wasn't thinking anything one way or the other.
Suarez: Your union delegate isn't going to make this go away. There are going to be consequences.
Sandeford: What are we talking about? Loss of vacation days, suspension?
Suarez: I don't know. But I wouldn't count on the people you work for supporting you on this.
Sandeford: I never do.

Kiki: Rules have changed, old man.
Sandeford: That so?
Kiki: Yeah. You take Napoleon prisoner, you think we're gonna hire a lawyer? You come after us, we'll come after you. I put your punk ass partner in a box and someday I'll do it to you too.

Tamika: Where are you going?
Sandeford: They have me on a desk doing parking tickets on the streets instead of what I do best. I will not follow that order.

My opinion? We went after the Santiagos, the Santiagos went after us. I don't know which Santiago, but that's where I would be looking.


East New York Quotes

Rookie: Who's that guy?
Supervisor: He shows up wherever there's cameras.

Salon Worker: Big day for you, huh? You the boss now.
Hayward: I'm A boss. There are lots of bosses. I have a boss.