Sherlock Holmes. Doctor Watson. What took you so long?

Joshua Vikner

Well, lack of imagination is an occupational hazard for an apex predator.


Joan: So there's no one you trust.
Sherlock: I trust *you*.

Moriarty was *not* the Vice President of Inhuman Resources!


Joan: She puts dates in her little love notes?
Sherlock: No, I do.

You forgot your drain hair!


If anything happens to them, the next time you see me I won't be a cop.

Gregson [to Morland]

'My dad brokers in global misery' doesn't usually come up.


If I'm right, this is not the scene of a triple murder, it's the scene of a double murder and an assassination!


I'll change the locks post-haste. Set a few traps.

Sherlock [on his father visiting the brownstone]

Which one? Our overgrown putt-putt golf course? Or our condemned warehouse full of asbestos?

Davis Potter [on his business properties]

So, I walked all the way to the eastern edge of the property, and I did not find a thing. No dead bodies, no secret hideouts, no smoke monster. There's plenty of mud, though.


Elementary Quotes

MIchael [to Sherlock[: I thought she'd never leave.

Joan: You went a little fanboy in there.
Sherlock: Fanboy?

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