Terrence: If you change your mind, you know where I am.
Ari: Clubbing baby seals somewhere?

Jake: Hi Mr. Gold. I'm Jake Steinberg, HR sent me up to replace your last assistant.
Ari: I don't care. Get me Eddy Kapowski on the phone.
Jake: Uhm, any relation to Kelly Kapowski? You know, Saved by the Bell?
Ari: You're finished. Go. You're fucking fired.

Sorry, he Jason Bourned me

Drama [to Vince about Matt Damon]

Take care of that girl, you lucky bastard. If you don't, Johnny Drama will

Drama [about Sloan]

Turtle: Any idea how quick I can get to Rome?
Flight Attendant: You just flew in from LA
Turtle: Oh yeah, I'm trying to break Guiness record for most miles in 24 hours, what's it to you?

Terrance: Oh, Andrew, I didn't know you were still in the business
Andrew: Die
Terrance: Not for you, not for any TV agents

If I could gouge out Terrance McQuewick's eyeballs and eat them for what he did to me, I would. And I would sell that Benedict Arnold Adam Davies into white slavery if we lived in a place that had a market for it. And Lloyd, that little queen, who I welcomed into my home and allowed to play with my children and care for my dogs and who left me for those two scumbags, I would tie him up and let the entire SAG anally rape him if not for the fact he would enjoy it


I always dreamed about ruling the world, but now that I'm getting older I would settle for ruling Hollywood


Lloyd, if you're hiding somewhere, go deeper because I will find you soon enough


Terrance: I have some business I'd like to discuss with you
Ari: A your age, shouldn't you have more important concerns? Like finding an assisted living facility...

E, I've had most of this town, so it was bound to happen that our trees would dabble in the same forest at some point.


Ari: Bye Matt
Matt: So back to human resources?
Ari: Back to the Iowa farm house that breast fed you until 15

Entourage Season 6 Quotes

You're never going to be in a relationship as long as you're living in a frat house

Sloan [to Eric]

Pussy can smell other pussy and they have to pounce on it. That's why when you're on a hot streak you go to press it. Just like in blackjack.