Jordan's mom: Who the hell are you?
Ida: I think you have a story to tell. And I'm the one who's gonna help you tell it.

Rainer: Forget about my history. Because when I'm with you, I wanna change.
Paige: Really?
Rainer: Really.

You might be starting over, but you're not doing it alone.


Ida: You'll be hearing from my lawyers very soon.
Tangey: I'm sure I will. But for now, you can start by getting the hell out of my recording studio.

All I ever wanted was what was best for you. You get that, right? You should do what makes you happy, Jordan.

Nina [to Jordan]

Here's the thing. You're Tangey Turner. You're immensely talented, and you've got a great future ahead of you. Do what you do and the riches will come. Forget the money. Consider it a small price to pay for your freedom. It'll be the best dollar you ever spent.


You're gonna go bring some fun clothes, because I don't care how late you rehearse, we're going out. We'll salvage this birthday even if we have to drink warm beer out of a can a minute before midnight.


What you need to know is that this is my story. It's intensely personal. But just as Alexis said, I'm not gonna stand in the way of getting this film made. Just look at my work. That's all I ask.


Professor: Ms. Townsen, do you really think because you're working on this film that I can grant you special privileges I don't extend to my other students?
Paige: I see your point, but—
Professor: Then you understand that my answer is no. Sorry.

Lex, my accounts are frozen. I can't access any of my money.


Jake: It's Rainer. He's just trying to get in your pants. That's all.
Paige: Excuse me? Ten minutes ago you were rolling around with Alexis the Blow-up Doll in Palm Springs all weekend. Are you really acting jealous right now?

I thought you could wear it on our first date... That's me asking you out.


Famous In Love Quotes

Nina: Does she need to sign a confidentiality agreement?
Rainer: Took care of that last night.

Cassie: Locked is the biggest book series since Harry Potter!
Paige: That's exactly why 10,000 girls are auditioning.