Alison: Weirdly, even though things are topsy-turvy, I'm having fun. It might not be the perfect Christmas I imagined, but maybe it's the perfect Christmas for me.
Elena: So Richard is not spoiling it?
Alison: I thought he would, but it turns out there's kind of an advantage to us working together. I mean, he sees me everyday. He knows what's important to me. And he just gets me in a way other people can't.

You know, I was actually talking to Elena about this. How you can go along in a groove and then you get dropping into a new one. You keep playing those songs until [music stops] that happens. And sure, it takes a while, but then the new song starts it is just wonderful.


Nothing helps make things clearer than a little physical labor

Grandpa Owen

If you can't find any Christmas spirit, at least find the spirit of competition.


I'll keep trying to save Christmas if it makes you laugh like that.


I sell family -- joy, love, sparkle-sparkle? But, in my own life, I've never had any of that. My childhood was cold. Photo ops, not feelings. I don't remember having one truly merry Christmas.


Segundo: Elena. Elena, don't do anything crazy. Please.
Elena: I'm not doing anything crazy. I'm just kidnapping my ex-fiance from a Festive Channel Christmas movie. That's all.

I came into this weird Twilight Zone to win your heart. And if you think for a second that I am going to give up on us, then you don't know me at all.


Elena: I should tell you, the Island has changed your husband, significantly.
Maya: What does that mean?
Elena: It would be wise for you to keep an open mind when you go and you look for him.

Elena: So, did your friend come?
Javier: Yeah.
Elena: And did you say what you needed to say?
Javier: Not exactly, but she said what I needed to hear.

Mel: Longer than a lifetime...
Ruby: And more than all the world. I love you, Mel.

Can I make a confession? I miss us being us. I like those old people with the creaky knees.