Gavin: Double whiskey, neat. Actually, make it a triple. One for each wife.
Segundo: Sounds like there is a story there, hm?
Gavin: Two former. One current. But I think they’re all here, messing with my mind.
Segundo: I find a heartfelt apology is always a good place to start.
Gavin: Apologize? No. I’m going to mess with them right back.
Segundo: Sometimes, things are bad. And sometimes, things are worse. Better to stick with bad.
Gavin: [laughs] Thanks, old man, but I got this.

You know, Dr. Beck, I try very hard not to be judgemental, but people like you who cause others pain with zero consideration, who manipulate and lie to those they say they love… you make it very difficult.


Sue: Our fantasy is to get revenge on our husband.
Jenna: We want him to feel as awful as he made us feel.
Brooklyn: We want him to hurt.
Elena: You should know that revenge fantasies don’t always end well.
Jenna: Mm, we’ll take our chances.

Isla: You’re playing dirty.
Elena: I’m not playing. This is Ruby’s life.
Isla: I will get what I want.
Elena: If you do, I will never forgive myself.

MJ: My mom loved the ocean.
Ruby: Enough to dive in and live there forever? Happens to be what I’m sitting here trying to figure out. Which probably sounds strange.
MJ: I’ve heard stranger things recently. And no, my mom knew how dangerous the ocean could be.

Sue: We asked to make him hurt, but that’s not really what we want.
Elena: What do you want? Really.
Jenna: I want to make him hurt.
Sue: I want to be free of him. I am tired of Gavin Beck defining me.
Jenna: He’s never going to understand. He’s defective.
Elena: On this island, people’s capabilities often evolve. I believe we can channel yours tears to a more productive end.

Sue: Gavin and I met when we were twenty. He was so damn handsome.
Brooklyn: Still is.
Sue: You have to understand. When Gavin looks at you, he makes you feel like you’re his whole world. I didn’t even know who I was yet, so I just became ‘Gavin’s Wife.’

Unlike Sue, I knew exactly who I was. And Gavin played me like a fiddle. He made me feel like I was the smartest person in the room. He said my ambition was an aphrodisiac.


MJ: So you’re saying my mom didn’t die. She’s alive and well and twenty-five years old and she lives on this island, but she doesn’t remember me or my brothers or my dad. Oh, and after fifty years of marriage, she is now in love with a woman.
Segundo: Who is also a mermaid.
Javier: It’s a lot. We know.

MJ: Thought my parents were so in love all those years, but now I don’t think I really knew her.
Ruby: Well, no doubt she had her secrets. We all do. But I’m sure you knew her heart.

[in Spanish] Island of rebirth, Guide me to give light to all those who seek it.


Javier said, ‘Love is its own kind of magic.’ I guess he was right.


Fantasy Island Quotes

Every fantasy runs its natural course and your's has just begun.


On Fantasy Island, you’ll find it’s best to meet people where they’re at without judgment.