You really think I'm...? In the face of all logic, that somehow I decided — me, the partner in a multi-million dollar corporation — that I decided to, what? Turn on you? Join forces with your leptard brother and his syphilitic floozy so that I could turn millions into thousands? What's the math there?


You should think of what you're doing. Man. Alone. In a room full of books. Talking to himself. Or maybe you think I'm your conscience. How's that story? Ghost of Christmas Past? You came back for a reason, I'm thinking. The gun? It's there on the counter. Pick it up, your gun. Now go.


Varga: How do you feel?
Emmit: Free.

Sy: What's the saying? "If you love something, let it go"?
Ruby: If it comes back, it's yours.
Emmit: If it doesn't, hunt it down and kill it... is the version I heard.

Your brother was killed by his ex-convict girlfriend. He'd been abusing her, you see. Beating her in places you don't show. Tonight, she'd had enough so she cut his throat and watched him bleed. Now, the police will contact you tonight to inform you of his death. Be upset, but not too upset. Volunteer nothing. You haven't seem him for days, haven't spoken to him.


Emmit: Did anyone see you?
Varga: I'm so rarely seen, maybe I don't really exist.

Emmit: I didn't mean to.
Varga: No one ever does.

Emmit: There's been an accident.
Varga: Things of consequence rarely happen by accident.

It's finished, okay? Words said in anger. Crimes committed. We've both done things. It's a certain madness, I think, brotherhood. Buttons you push with me, that I push in you. Grudges. I don't want that anymore. So, I'm giving you the stamp.


I'm not less than you.

Ray [to Emmit]

"Let each man say what he deems truth, and let truth itself be commended unto God."


Perception of reality becomes reality.


Fargo Quotes

Chief: Aww. Heck. It's Sam Hess.
Cop: Who owns the trucking company?
Chief: With the two boys both dumb as a dog's foot

Lorne: Just one word: Yes or No?