Betsy: Goodnight, Mr. Solverson.
Lou: Goodnight, Mrs. Solverson. And all the ships at sea.

A man once said, "You'll know the angels when they come, because they'll have the faces of your children."


I just wanted to be someone.


It's the rock we all push... men. We call it our burden, but it's really our privilege.


Mike: From this moment forward, I decree: no more schnitzel or strudel. Let's get some American food up in here.

You're always trying to fix everything. But sometimes, nothing's broken.


People of earth... I'm ho-ome!

Mike Milligan

They don't look like much. You don't look like much.

Captain Jeb Cheney

Boy, she makes us look like the gang that can't shoot straight, don't she?

Hank [of Peggy]

He was the Gerhardts' man.

Narrator [of Hanzee]

Ed: Are you seeing this?
Peggy: It's just a flyin' saucer, Ed, we gotta go.

Floyd: I miss them all.
Bear: We'll be together again. On high.

Fargo Season 2 Quotes

Rye: Well, you know, maybe I needed it for me. For something I--
Dodd: No, you earn for the family, not for yourself.
Rye: Yeah but you're the oldest, and then there's Bear, and that's the throne. What am I ever gonna be except the kid you send out for milk?
Dodd: You're a Gerhardt.
Rye: That's like Jupiter telling Pluto, "Hey, you're a planet, too."

Crew member: This is the actual field, they tell me.
Native American extra: What?
Crew member: This is the actual battlefield. Massacre at Sioux Falls. I think three hundred of your people -- braves -- died here, what, a hundred years ago?
Native American: I'm from New Jersey.
Crew member: Sure but... yeah, you're an Indian, right? So... that's gotta be, uh...
Native American: Gotta be what?
Crew member: No, I'm just saying, this battle... was the last big battle before the end of the-- Then what came after... Look, I'm a Jew so believe me I know tribulation.