Don't forget. Dr. Scola's on call 24/7. If you need to talk.

Scola [to Tiffany]

Please don't hurt my boy.

Mrs. Landry [to Tiffany]

Mental illness is a real thing. [Bryan] can't just tough that out.

Scola [to Tiffany]

Scola: If you've got family business ...
Tiffany: It's just my sister. She's overly dramatic.

Mrs. Lopez: It's such a shock.
Tiffany: We understand. It's a lot to take in.

Tiffany: You need to stop acting like a little kid.
Bryan: You need to stop acting like you're Mom.

Leavins: Something's going on here.
Maggie: Yeah, something's going on here. You gave a lethal virus to a terrorist.

If you find her, I'll tell you everything I know.

Leavins [to Isobel]

You know how this works. I can only talk about certain things.


Maggie: So was he trying to lie?
OA: Or was he trying to tell us something?
Isobel: Probably a little of both.

I'm such an idiot, man. I screwed up my life, and for what?

Hoffman [to OA]

I saw an opportunity, and I took it.


FBI Season 5 Quotes

Curt: The damn thing can blow up a whole city block.
Nina: Is he bluffing?
Scola: I sure hope so.

Curt: Demand is strong, supply is weak. That's Economics 101, my brother.
OA: A hundred-percent bump in two days is not economics. That is robbery.
Curt: This inflation thing is real. Supply-chain issues, labor shortages, prices have skyrocketed.
Scola: That guy a bomb broker or an economist?