Morgan: She's stuck. Whatever happened to her, she thinks killing is the only way.
John: How you gonna convince her otherwise?
Morgan: Because I understand her... I used to be her.

John: Charlie, you know this is a one time deal right?
June: She was poisoned, John.
John: I know, just don't go get poisoned again until you're at least twenty-one.

John: You know there are some fish in this world that won't be caught, no matter what you dangle in front
of them. You can go after them, sure. My gut tells me just leave em' be. Now I'm talkin' about fish in this
case, but I think it applies to this woman too.
Morgan: I still gotta try though.
John: I know you do.

Martha: Now, you either kill me, or I kill you.
Morgan: I don't kill.

Don't know if any of you are out there. Don't know if any of you are listening. But if you are,
hang in there... we're coming for you.


Morgan, it can't just be about the boxes. We have to do what my mom did. Build this place into
something more. That's how you help people.


Morgan, you told me I get to choose how I go? I think this beats pissing in the wind.


She didn't use the "C" word. She went for the full quesadilla.


Wendell: Can I do the honors when you become a skin muncher?
Jim: Jesus, really? Nice bedside asshole.

John: How the hell did they find us?
Strand: Perhaps you were right. Perhaps we just needed to believe.

I figure if I can't go down there and kill any of those Goddamn things, pissin' on them is the only FU I got here.


I was an English teacher. Drove everyone up the wall, correcting their grammar. But words matter. When we're gone, they're all we leave behind.


Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Quotes

Althea: Your name?
Morgan: Morgan Jones.
Althea: Where did you come from?
Morgan: Atlanta and Virginia.
Althea: How'd you get here.
Morgan: I ran ... and I walked, drove ... and I walked again.

Athea: Tell me one real thing, then we'll call it even. Why'd you leave?
Morgan: ... I lose people, and then I lose myself.