You saved my life. It's why I can't let anyone hurt you. I had to think of something.

Dion [to Tommy]

Tommy: Dion got us into some bad business that involves some dangerous elements.
Aidan: Speak English. What are you talking about?
Tommy: The Woichiks.

Tommy: Don't do something stupid, like getting killed.
Dion: Yeah, I won't.
Tommy: It's just, if anyone kills you, it should be me.

When you finally carry out an order, you screw it up. My own son!

Ziggy [to the Tooth Fairy]

For once, Dion, you are not the center of the universe. Now, do you mind?


Spare me from reliving that gooey moment. What is about Tommy Moran that you are so enamored of?

The Tooth Fairy [to Dion]

Everything is crazy until proven.


Marisa [on Dion]: He was my client. We became involved.
Detective Giordano: Does your client intend to become involved as a father?

We don't have to whistle, or hum. It's not a daycare center.


You said from this far back you couldn't tell if it was Iggy Pop or Patti Smith, remember?


Dion: Come on, Tommy, just kick me in the balls and get it over with.
Tommy: No, not your balls -- you'd be lost without those!

You cheat, you die, you take the betrayal to the grave with you. Aren't you lucky.

Tommy [to Rie]

Feed the Beast Quotes

No, you’re the only single parent whose son witnessed his mother get killed in a hit and run and who hasn’t spoken since.

School Counselor [to Tommy]

Tommy: So, were you in the one prison without a weight room?
Dion: Don't worry, I'll still kick your ass.