You know, Bette, I think what you're doing with this part is incredibly brave.


I don't need subtext, Bob, I need good text.


But they're burning up the screen, Jack. You should have paired them years ago.


Mamacita: The crew is abuzz.
Joan: About my performance?
Mamacita: About their relationship. Apparently, they've been working on her themes all weekend long.

Hedda: Well then why would you go to my mortal enemy?
Joan: Because I had to get your attention.

You're jealous because men don't look at you anymore and they look at me. You can't take it that your turn is over and you're blaming me. What a joke.


You know what those women had that you don't, mother? Dignity. They moved aside with class after their spin on the carousel was over and that's something you've refused to do. And now look at you. You're single, lonely and doing this ridiculous role because you can't live without being in the spotlight. Well, guess what? Nobody wants you anymore. Nobody's watching you anymore.