Hey, Gordo. I'm lookin' for my keys to the house, and I can't find them. Oh, shit. I hope I didn't lose them in the field or in the car.
Gordo: Nah, you didn't leave 'em. I took them.
Tracy: You what?
Gordo: I took the keys to this place off your keyring.
Tracy: OK, look, I don't have time to do this right now. Can you just give me back my keys please?
Gordo: Believe me, I would, but last time I checked, they fit these locks, and these locks are attached to this house, and this house is attached to my name. So, technically, they're my keys.
Tracy: No, the house is under our name.
Gordo: That's another thing. Aren't you supposed to change that when you get remarried?

I'm going back to space after ten years, Trace! All you can think about is how it affects your press clippings?!


Look I don't like this idea any more than the rest of you, but here's the truth. We cannot hold Site 357 Bravo without armed security.

General Bradford

Danielle: I'm sure it just shrank in the dryer.
Gordo: Very funny.

The way I see it, we're the ones who brought them up in this fucked up world. The least we can do is to let them go live in it. We owe them that much.


Gordo Stevens, American hero. What a crock of shit. [crying] It's shit.


Molly: Ed Baldwin wearing reading glasses? Will wonders never cease?
Ed: It will happen to you, too, Moll.
Molly: Never. Twenty-twenty till the day I die, just like my nana.

Gordo: I'm not going back up, Ed. I can't, and you know I can't.
Ed: Well, that's not up to you. I decide who goes back and when remember? You got this.

I don't know. The life you think you're gonna have, sometimes it doesn't end up making you happy, and I'm happy. You know, being there for Kelly and Karen. Hell, even those Asscans. It means something. No, it's not pushing the envelope, but, I don't know. Sometimes it's just more important being with the people you love than doing what you love.


Al: I hereby relieve you as commander as Jamestown.
Ellen: I stand relieved.

Danielle [looking at a hanging fern]: What the hell is that?
Gordo: Plants in a bar. What's next?
Ed: I tried tellin' her. She said it freshens up the place.

Danielle: I wanna go back.
Gordo: Back where?
Danielle: Jamestown. It has been nine years since any of us have been up there, and it's time. I want to see how it's changed. I want to see what it's become.
Gordo: You know what it's become. You helped design the dang thing.
Danielle: It's not the same thing. I want to see it with my own eyes. I want to suit up in the morning, put my boots in the moondust, see the sunrise off Shackleton again. Don't y'all miss it?