You, Olivia, have the ability to bend things with your mind. That's what you're doing in this drawing, if you look at it the right way.


Olivia: It's not working. If we're short circuited by the lightening, we won't make it. (Sam throws the giant rock...) Oh my God, Sam!
Sam: I work in a bowling alley.

Olivia: Olivia Dunham, FBI.
Museum Curator: Dr. Christina Albright.
Sam: Sam Weiss, patron member since '82.

Sam: Generations of knowledge have been bestowed upon me, but no one said anything about the other side turning the machine on first.
Olivia: Okay, Sam, I'm going to make this easy. I am armed, and I want you to take me to the key NOW.

I, too, have tried. I went so far as to ask God for help and what has he done? Nothing!


Walter: It's been a long time since a classic fruit cocktail. Why do you think that is?
Astrid: I suppose loading fruit with sugar, artificial flavor and dyes has just fallen out of favor.
Walter: That's a shame, isn't it?

It makes sense Walter. We all thought I could turn the machine on. Maybe I can turn it off. Maybe that's what the drawing means.


If this works, and I save both universes, I want you to consider me officially retired.


Fauxlivia: When I was returning from over there, you had me steal a piece of tech. Tech you said could destroy the other side.
Walternate: What exactly are you asking Olivia:
Fauxlivia: Have you activated that weapon? Is that what's causing the surge.
Walternate: That's classified.
Fauxlivia: What's going to happen to the people over there.
Walternate: My concern is for the people of our world.
Fauxlivia: Your son is over there.
Walternate: I'm aware. But he chose to leave. He chose his allegiance. I chose to give up my son so that you can keep yours.

Peter: What time is it?
Olivia: It's 6:30. Your father is walking around the house completely naked.
Peter: Oh, it's Tuesday. He always cooks naked on Tuesdays.
Olivia: Is that safe:
Peter: No.

Olivia, you should get some slippers for when you stay over here. It gets very chilly.


I just hit a swarm of locusts. It's like the blessed apocalypse.


Fringe Season 3 Quotes

I'm not crazy you know. To prove that to you I'd have to tell you some things that are even crazier.


Peter: The whole time I was in there, there was only one thing I could think about.
Bolivia: Yeah what? (Peter then kisses Bolivia)
Peter: That.