Wormwood: Another army approaches and under a rainbow.
Madalena: I'm kind of digging his beat.

I can't believe that's the same guy who cried when he got jelly on his fancy pants!


Will I ever become a hero? Will I wed the girl I love? Am I going to get to touch her boobs?

Young Richard

Richard: Someone's daughter is going to get a little whoop whoop tonight!
King of Valencia: What the hell is wrong with you?
Richard: I honestly have no idea.

Men and women of the second season, attack!


Looks like we're all together again. Lovely! Our story lines have been much too separated.


Galavant: I didn't tell you to die in a brown fart. The truth is, all I wanted was to come back to you. You're the love of my life and if we survive this, I want to marry you and I want to live by the sea.
Isabella: You had me at brown fart.

Galavant: Over the last months, I've watched you transform from a boob into a real man. And today you're going to transform into a warrior.
Richard: You said boob.

Thank you very much. Here all week, unless I die. Thank you!


I'm sorry bunny, I suck at war. That's why our kingdom was taken by Richard in the first place.

King of Valencia

Richard: Seems like just yesterday I was the worst tyrant this land has ever seen. Life is weird.
Galavant: Yeah, cuckoo bananas. You stay here with Roberta.

Settle down tiny tot!


Galavant Quotes

I suggest you fall. Thanks!


King Richard: And then tonight, you will join me in my bed.
Madelena: Yes, my king.
King Richard: Then, we're going to do it.
Madelena: Yes.
King Richard: And we're not just going to sit in bed and open gifts and talk about how much fun the wedding was. Okay? We're. Doing. It."