Older man: What's your name, darling?
Marnie: I'm Magita. Magita Perez.

Marnie: You have an accent that you didn't have before. You talk differently.
Charlie: No. No, you just don't remember me right.

Desi: Open your heart to me. Bella, open your heart to me now!
Marnie: It's fucking OPEN!

Marnie: You're playing aggressive guitar at me.
Desi: There's nothing aggressive about that, it's a ballad.

She's a beautiful fuckin' rainbow. Cutting and sublime. And she's gonna be the best fuckin' therapist ever. I envy her future patients because she's a truth-teller. And her perfect face is the least beautiful thing about her.

Adam [about Jessa]

You know, I've actually never had sex with a woman before. I mean, I've done other stuff. I went to Oberlin, so I'm not, like, a monster.


Sometimes, at night, I think about Japan, and I'm like, "Did I create this country in my mind?"


Hannah: Plus, isn't gay husband kind of the same as no husband, sexually speaking?
Loreen: No, sex has never been our problem. It's actually even been better lately. Less pressure. Mm mm mm.

I think you guys really did fuck me up.

Hannah [to her mother]

You are incapable of loving someone who is kind to you.


Patti Clarkson. I saw them in a magazine once together. Her friends call her "Patti." "Patti" Clarkson.


Ray: Do you even care? Do you give one flying fuck about my economic decimation?
Elijah: Yeah, a little.

Girls Season 5 Quotes

Shoshanna: Oh, wow. You look so whimsical-slash-beautiful.
Jessa: Thank you. I just bathed in the stream and then I ran through the field to dry myself.

By the way, living in Japan has made me so effing good at folding, steaming, pressing, et cetera. My friend Satako says that I'm, like, a complete natural, and could totally compete with the best of them. They have this reality TV show there called "Fold, Fold, Press" which is kind of about being human.