Quinn: There's a fair amount of the pot calling the kettle black now.
Brittany: That's so racist.

Being thrown up on, it just does something to a person.


Why don't you down a 4 Loco, Count Boozy Von Drunk a Ton?


I rode a bull and was thinking of you.

Will [voicemail, to Emma]

My nose is still filled with the acrid stench of teen vomit.


And now, performing the hit song Tik and also Tok, by rapper Ke and dollar sign ha, New Directions.


Ke$ha has been a culture icon for weeks.


It's kinda like nursing a POW back to health so he's at his strongest when you torture him.


Rachel: Blaine and I have a lot in common.
Kurt: A sentiment expressed by many a hag by many dating a gay.

I'd say "bye," but I wouldn't wanna make you angry.


Bisexual is a term that gay guys in high school use when they wanna hold hands with girls and feel normal.


You ain't lived until you seen me in a cowboy hat!


Glee Season 2 Quotes

May I have this dance?


They look like deep fried deep poop.

Brittany [on tater tots]