Evan: Isn't that the girl I told you about in the elevator? I thought she had an app to pitch me?
Josh: Yeah, yeah, I reached out to her. She never got back to me.

Jamie: As your lawyer and your friend, dont underestimate yourself because some competitive clerk got into your head. Trust your ability to make a compelling argument, and you might have an impact on Judge Wilson.
Callie: So write the memo?
Jamie: Write the memo.

Mariana: I'm really sorry.
Evan: I know. OK then

Jazmin: I got the message. They don't want me there, especially my manager, and he's a gay guy. Apparently, the T is optional when you're LGB.
Gael: I'm sorry, Jazmin.

Bryan: Callie what do you do for fun?
Callie: Not much lately.
Bryan: You know what they say about all work and no play?
Callie: Yeah I'm a pretty dull girl.
Bryan: Oh, I doubt that.

Wilson: Am I to believe that you had anything to do with the writing of this memo?
Callie: I ...
Wilson: Got bulldozed by Rebecca and Ben, or just gave up? When I encouraged you to write your bench memos without empathy clouding them, I didn't mean I didn't want to hear your point of view. I chose you to clerk this case because I want to hear the liberal opinion, so rewrite this case from your point of view. Have it on my desk tomorrow morning.

You gotta be patient. Work harder than the boys and eventually you'll get noticed for it. In the meantime, make a few allies; not every guy is a jerk.


Callie: Why didn't you tell Wilson you wrote the memo?
Rebecca: Because in spite of what you think, I'm not a backstabbing bitch.
Callie: I don't think that.
Rebecca: Isn't that what your best friend Ben told you? That I couldn't be trusted because I was born with a silver spoon up my ass?
Callie: That's not exactly how he put it.
Rebecca: Look Ben turned the last clerk against me, and it would be nice if we could have each other's backs, right?
Callie: Yeah. Thanks for having mine.

Mrs. Thompson: When Jamal first got killed people took to the streets, but its been five years with a new shooting every month people forget by the time a case gets to court if it gets to court.
Malika: I won't forget.

Mariana: Hey Alex.
Alex: Hey Mary Anna
Mariana: It's Mariana.
Alex: Oh sorry.

Don't you think he should have told you that he was bisexual? If it was me, I would be super insecure dating a guy who is into both sexes. Knowing that I couldn't give him what another guy could? It would just drive me crazy!


Alice: Where's Storm?
Dennis: What do I look like the weatherman?

Good Trouble Quotes

I thought the free toilet paper would be a nice perk. I had no idea how much people would overwipe. You wouldn't believe it. I hope you guys are eco-friendly.


Mariana: We're so lit.
Callie: We're pretty lit.
Both: We're straight up fire!