You loved my favorite painting. I thought that someone who loved what I loved would love me, too.


Blair, I want to make you happy, I really do. But college is too big of a deal.


We're talking about Georgina Sparks. Her hair lies!


Nate: Well, I tried respectable.
Juliet: You were hurt.

I know you think I'm crazy — that I'm a schemer and a liar and pathologically selfish, and that's true! Or it was until Milo was born.


What's going on, why does Georgina Sparks have a baby?


You think I'd skip out on a room full of Champagne and models? Are you forgetting I used to be a rock star?


Dan: Sorry, I'm so tired lately, Milo's been really colicky.
Vanessa: The fact that you even know what that means is scary.
Dan: You'd be shocked at what I know about breast milk, baby poop, and episiotomies.
Vanessa: Wow, do not mention her Geor-gina.

Dan: I'm so sorry about not calling, but there is a reason.
Vanessa: Is it because you've become a hoarder?

I want to hear all about how Brown offers a major in raw foods.


I wouldn't worry about Chuck ... any normal summer he's drunk on some island where polygamy is legal. Given everything that happened it makes sense he's gone rogue.


As much as I'm going to miss you while you're in Providence, having separate lives ensures no competition, which means no high school pettiness!


Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Serena: So what does it say about Chuck?
Blair: I couldn't be less interested. Serena gives her a look. No new posts. He's been MIA since he left town this spring.
Serena: What does it say about us?
Blair: "Ooh la la! Paris is burning and Serena and Blair lit the match." Of course your flame is hotter than mine. Everyone knows that the only guy who's been in my pants all summer is the tailor at Pierre Balmain.
Serena: And whose fault is that? B, just as many guys have flirted with you. I just happen to have a thing for French waiters.
Blair: And bartenders. And museum docents. Anyone on a Vespa or bicycle. Or wearing Zadig & Voltaire.

Serena: Blair what are you doing? We said we wouldn't check Gossip Girl all summer.
Blair: Summer's almost over.