Olivia: I'm so happy that you're here.
Dan: I'm not going down to a fake boyfriend without a fight.

And the best costume award goes to New York's finest. This party is a bust!

Gossip Girl

Serena: Chuck, you might want to try to stop the police.
Chuck: Why would I stop them? I called them.

Serena: Why would he have his own club raided?
Blair: Once we found out the liquor license was fake we could either wait for Jack to call ABC to take us down, or we could take control. Call the police to blow up the party for a night that no one will ever forget! Brilliant, isn't it?

Blair: I'm sorry, S! But Chuck's hotel needed this! Without your celebrities we're buried in the City section. Now we're in front page news.
Serena: Why would you do this to me? You knew how important it was for me to prove myself to K.C.
Blair: Remember when you chose Chuck. Now I did too.

Chuck: Blair. We both know you'll never be completely trustworthy. I'll admit it's not my strong suit either. But it's part of what keeps things interesting between us.
Blair: And why we make a great team.
Chuck: No, in order to be a team, we have to focus our duplicity on others.
Blair: What if it's my way of showing how much I love you?
Chuck: I can think of better ways.

Jenny: Everyone gets egged on Halloween.
Eric: You didn't.

Jenny: You know I have to act this way about school stuff. I'm still your friend. I'm still your sister. I just can't let the worlds get confused.
Eric: I'm not confused. I want nothing to do with you in either world.

KC: As long as you get my purse back, your job is safe. Oh, and Serena, that job now includes publicly dating Patrick.
Serena: I don't know if I'd call that work.
KC: Get back to me after date two.

Hey, S! How would you like to be the publicist of a members-only club SO exclusive it makes the SoHo house look like one of those dirty public schools with numbers for a name. Come on, it'll be amazing.


Serena: Blair, I would never work for you.
Blair: I'm giving you a chance to leave that Lizzie Grubman wannabe before you get run over.
Serena: You don't get it. KC can be a bitch because she's my boss. You're supposed to be my friend. Chuck might forgive you, but I don't.

Jenny: Can we agree not to say the word steps anymore?
Eric: I would like nothing better.

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Nate: I'm surprised Blair's not here. Are you guys in another fight?
Chuck: A fight implies time and energy. This is more of an ongoing, detached distrust.

Eric: She's still the same Jenny underneath. She just has to wear the mask for school.
Jonathan: That mask is becoming her face.