Do you ever get tired of carrying around that chip on your shoulder?


I'm so proud of you!


If there's one thing I know, it's how to give good 'interview.'


Eric has a new friend. So I hear.


Have fun in Providence, you know, maybe you can get your hair dreadlocked while you're there.


Don't get mad, get in.

Gossip Girl

I hate that stupid headband.


Yale Dean: The young lady before you told me a delightful story. She was recently in a fashion show. Just for fun.
Blair: Well, I ... know I must seem rather traditional, compared to that young lady. But isn't tradition what Yale is all about?

Well, I'm aware I lack some people's ... easy grace with strangers. I don't exactly make you feel like you've known me forever even though we just met. When I laugh, you might not smile just at the coquettish sound of it, and I may not be spontaneous or delightful or full of surprises, and my hair not sparkle when it catches the light... everything worth knowing about me is in that folder. I made sure of it.


Chuck: I know you're not a geography wiz, but you are aware that Providence is in Rhode Island.
Serena: I don't have time to explain. I've been invited to the Dean's house tonight, I have to get ready.

Chuck: The Dean's house? Nice. What's your answer to his question?
Serena: ... Yes?
Chuck: No, no, no. What person, real or imagined, living or dead, would you most like to have dinner with? Rumor is, if your answer impresses the Dean enough, it gets you on the short list for early admission. So says Blair.
Serena: I should have given my spot to her.
Chuck: You got invited and she didn't? You're lucky to be alive!
Serena: Well I won't be for much longer if I don't get an answer fast.
Chuck: Steal Blair's! She won't have a use for it anymore.

Serena: I did not want to know that. How do YOU even know that? Why does Blair want to go to dinner with some guy named George San...
Chuck: A hot girl. Named George. Just like a man. And apparently, it's the Dean's favorite writer. And I know this because talking to Blair about how she's gonna get into Yale gets her really ...
Serena: Chuck! No! You just told me two things I never wanted to hear! And one is gonna haunt me for the rest of my life.

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I swear to God I will take you down.


Chuck Bass, we've been waiting for you.

Yale Guy