Rufus: I guess by turning our backs on these other people, we thought we could fix ourselves.
Allison: Maybe other people aren't the problem. Maybe we changed.

Dan: The arts and crafts were impressive, but how did you manage the real snow?
Serena: I'm well connected.
Dan: This is, without question, the best Christmas ever.
Serena: Ever. In the history of Christmas.

Blair: What's going on?
Harold: We're back for Christmas.
Blair: Well, Roman, you are in for a treat because, the Waldorf Christmas is like no other.

Hear those silver bells? It's Christmas time in the city. Some families actually do make the Yuletide gay, managing to leave their troubles far away. Other families have a merry little Christmas even when their troubles aren't so far away. Some presents might end up getting returned. Some gifts are for keeps. Other presents come when you least expect them. And everyone knows the biggest present comes in the smallest box. Then there are those boxes you wish you had never opened. Have a holly, jolly Christmas! XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Blair: (giving Dorota a phone) Merry Christmas, Dorota! So we can text. Do you like it?
Dorota: Thank you, Miss Blair.

(on the phone) So, uh, Alison's leaving. She's spending some time alone with the kids. And I seem to have walked all the way from Brooklyn to your doorstep... without a jacket... in the snow. So, what the hell? I miss you. And I have been missing you for a while.


Look, when I committed myself to you, I meant it. You know I am in love with you. What are you waiting for?


Dan: Are we really gonna do this?
Serena: Yeah.

Serena: Merry Christmas!
Dan: [speechless]
Serena: Do you like it? Do you think it's cheesy?
Dan: No, no its incredible. How did you do this?
Serena: Well, I had help from my elves.
Dan: Your present is waiting for you at home. But, um, I did bring you a little pre-present.
Serena: This is your story.
Dan: Its the original. Right out of the spiral notebook.
Serena: I'm kinda scared to read it. What happened on October 8th, 2005?
Dan: Umm, well I was accidentally invited to a birthday party. Where I met a girl. She only spoke two sentences to me but I've never forgotten her.
Serena: Wait, your story is about me?

Eric: [about Bart Bass] He only has one facial expression. He scares me.
Serena: He raised Chuck, that scares me.

Dan: (reading a Christmas card) This one is from the Smiths. "Seasons Greetings." It's very original.
Jenny: Their name is Smith, you don't have to be original.

(on the phone) Hey Lil, you know everything closed on Christmas? The diners claim to be open 24/7... it's false advertising.


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And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell ... You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl

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I'm not a stop along the way. I'm a destination. And if you refuse to come, I'm gonna need to find a replacement... girls, the waiting list?