B. Whatever you're thinking, stop. Just work on your relationship with Louis. And let Chuck work on himself.


Serena: Why are you looking for Chuck?
Blair: I have no choice! He's trying to destroy my relationship with Louis because he knows it's vulnerable.
Serena: I'm pretty sure the only war Chuck is waging is with his own demons.

Chuck: Maybe we're maturing too fast.
Nate: Which is why you're back to playing Phantom of the Opera sex games?

Diana: Are you purposefully trying to make a fool of me?
Charlie: I told you, it was an emergency.
Diana: To hide from Max, your mysteriously reappeared ex. And do you think it seems a tad convenient that the only way to do that was to snog Nate?
Charlie: Look I don't know why Max is here. But if he finds me I could lose everything.

Uh oh, Charlie. Looks like you've stayed in character all too well. Too bad there's always an understudy waiting in the wings for you to slip and fall.

So when girls like you say lunch they really mean clothes?


Rufus: I know Dan. It's not like him to skip out on an obligation.
Lily: And I know you. What time would you like to leave for Boston?
Rufus: The Morris Miner's in the parking lot in Brooklyn. It'll be faster to drive.

Unless you want to get me fired, you need to stop talking to me.


Blair: I can't rest until I can prove Chuck is still his satanic self. What do you think would be more effective, having his shirts pressed with too much starch or getting him served blended Scotch at the Empire bar?
Dorota: What is test testing exactly?
Blair: We'll be there—in clever disguises of course—to see him eviscerate the dry cleaner. Or fire the bartender. Thus proving that he's only pretending to be magnanimous when I'll be there or see it in the press.
Dorota: You sure you not just do this because you and Prince Louis not in a good place right now?

Sometimes you know who the bad guy is from the start.... but most times you find out they've been in front of you all along.

Diana: I need to start a war between Serena and Gossip Girl. Stay on her and let me know what happens.
Charlie: Of course.
Diana: Oh. Regarding Nate. I thought I told you to keep your distance.

In drama there are many ways to unmask a villain.

Gossip Girl Season 5 Quotes

[to Chuck] Just because we can't be together doesn't mean I don't love you.


There's nothing more boring than a sense of morality, Humphrey.