Once we find each other, try not to let go.


Kai: So you're not married, but Koracick said happy little family.
Amelia: I have a beautiful son, and my son has a beautiful dad, but I am single. You?
Kai: I'm married to this lab.

Jo: What happens if I die?
Link: What?
Jo: If I die, who gets Luna?

I, we, we are your family, you and Farouk never have to do this alone again, ever.


Miller's gone, he was like a brother to us, but to Vic, he was a different kind of something else. And I hate what she's about to go through because she already did it once. I hate that she's about to go through it again.


Somebody taught me how to manage my PTSD. Somebody taught you, but nobody taught them, Teddy. I have to help them.


I don't think David's a bad guy, I just think doctors make the worst patients.


Bailey: Was it a death's door type of thing or did Miller put it on paper?
Ben: It's the second time he asked me.

Vic: What? What happen? Is Theo okay? Travis...
Travis: Theo is fine. Vic, there was a second explosion and um...

You're the intern who brought me flowers when my fiance died.


It's Miller. It's Dean Miller.


No sirens, no rush. There's a dead person in there.