Meredith: Hey, you guys....
Izzie: You can't call dibs on a human being.
Meredith: You guys, I think we should move.
Cristina: Let go of the gurney.
Izzie: YOU let go.
Meredith: Move!!!

Someone will be here soon to save the master race from extinction.


Erica: I'm sure whatever you're talking about is endlessly exciting, but I kind of had my mind set on saving a life today.
Alex: Sorry.

Richard: Stan, you're a hero, man. You saved Ray's life.
Ray: Stan? Stan? Stan? Damn it, Stan! Stan!

Nick: So, uh, you want to help me plot my revenge?
Lexie: Girlfriend?
Nick: Mmm. Here's what I'm thinking. I page her here, and then, uhh, you know, I'm all like, "I'm dying and I just need to gaze at your beauty one last time," and then she gets here, and I flash her the artery.
Lexie: It's mean.
Nick: Right?
Lexie: I like it.

Nick: Well,you want me to help you plot your revenge?
Lexie: Okay.
Nick: Okay. Here's what I'm thinking. You go out with me. Just like that. Bam! New boyfriend. And he'll be all "what's he got that I don't have?" And you'll be all "carotid artery exposed... Top that, loser," and he'll be all "I can't, I can't top that, I am a loser!"

Nick: You seeing anyone? I... I’m just making conversation. My... my artery is exposed and it kinda limits my game.
Lexie: Okay. Yes... kind of... I am.
Nick: Nice guy?
Lexie: Yeah. He is. Well, he is kinda nice guy disguised as a jerk.
Nick: Oh yeah, I... I know that type. My... my girlfriend was a nice girl disguised as a vapid narcissist. But then it turned out she really she really was just a vapid narcissist.
Lexie: Ouch!

Derek: (to George): What's going on with you and Stevens? Just because I don't sleep in your house anymore doesn't mean I don't hear the gossip.

Nick: How am I doing?
Lexie: Strong and stable.
Nick: Strong and stable? Two words that have never been used to describe me. Ever.

I'm so sick of Meredith and Cristina and their stupid love affair with each other that they have to rub in everyone's faces.


Nick: Okay, then. Uh, if I do die, it would have been lovely meeting you all.
Mark: [to the interns] See, the patient is confident. You should be confident.

[Alex kisses Lexie]
Lexie: I'm still not speaking to you.
Alex: You don't have to speak.

Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Nick: They all look scared.
Mark: They're medical professionals. A healthy level of fear is encouraged.

I'm going to go in early. I'm going to get on hard-core, Erica Hahn cardio and I'm gonna kick ass at it. And when I kick ass at cardio, it's going to piss Cristina off, but it won't matter, because I'll be a kick-ass cardio god!